Delaware Valley BMW Car Club of America

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Delaware Valley Chapter - Chapter Officers

Chapter Address Delaware Valley Chapter, BMW CCA
P.O. Box 385
Flourtown, PA 19031-0385

Chapter Officers

President: Ben Greisler
  Vice Presidents:  Dave Wollman and Dave Flougas
Vice President
  Social Media Chair: David Flogaus Social Media
  Treasurer: Michael H. Dion Treasurer
  Secretary: Martin Bullen
  Member Liaison: Ben Greisler Member Liaison
  Social Events Chair: Michael Attiani
Social Events
  Board Member at Large: Bob Solomon Member at Large
  Board Member at Large: James Murphy
Member at Large

Driving Events Contacts
  Driving Events Chair: Jason Hiester
Driving Events Chair
  Street Survival Chair: Rich Dunbar Street Survival Chair
  Autocross Chair: Rich Dunbar Autocross Chair
  Registrar: Lisa Mellott Registrar
  Chief Instructor: Michael H. Dion Chief Instructor
  Instructor Coordinator: Lou D'Angeli Instructor Coordinator
  Technical Chair: David Somma, Jr. Technical Chair
  Race Chair: James Murphy Race Chair
  Student Resource Center Chair: Victor Adby
Student Resource Center Chair
  Vintage Events Chairs: Bill Foster, Dennis Brennan, & Chris Holliday Vintage Events
  Sponsorship: Bob Solomon Business Manager
  License Plates Chair: Tony Kasser License Plates Chair

Publication Contacts
  Webmaster: Jeff Reese
  Newsletter Editor: Graham Perry
Newsletter Editor
  Business Manager: Bob Solomon Business Manager