The Philadelphia Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has invited the DelVal chapter to participate in its Autocross Program.

Autocross is a form of driving competition where each participant navigates an obstacle course of traffic cones laid out on a flat surface such as a large parking lot or inactive airstrip. Participants compete one-at-a-time (or “solo”) against the clock to see who can complete the course in the shortest amount of time without knocking down any cones.

Autocross focuses on driver skill and vehicle handling over flat-out speed and course speeds generally don’t exceed legal freeway speeds. Turns are tight and there are lots of them, so the driving is exciting and challenging. It is a great way to explore the performance potential of your car in a safe and legal environment. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced autocrosser, the skills you learn and practice in autocross — smooth transitions, enhanced braking, and skid correction — will have an immediate impact on improving the safety and skill of your street driving. Autocross is also an excellent way to teach car control to young drivers in a safe and controlled environment.

Participants’ cars are divided into classes by performance and categories by preparation. Unmodified stock cars compete in classes in the “Street” category; cars with modifications to the suspension, intake or exhaust system, or different wheels and tires compete in “Street Touring” and “Street Prepared”; and cars with engine modifications and race cars compete in the “Prepared” category. The complete descriptions of classes and preparation allowances are spelled out in the organizers’ rule book.

The costs of autocross competition are reasonable because you can compete in anything from the car you drive on the street every day with minimal preparation to a real race car. Entry fees are usually $35-50 per driver and two drivers can share a car.

To register you must have a valid driver’s license; minors need a special waiver signed by both parents. Online registration for the Philly SCCA autocross events is available on the MotorsportReg website.

Questions? Contact Autocross Chair Rich Dunbar at